Sunday, September 1, 2013

2 weeks/3 days no practice

The past 2.5 weeks since V's arrival have simply flown by.  These have been 2.5 weeks of getting to know my sweet little baby and healing from the process of birth.  Time doesn't seem to exist anymore.  It can take me up to 3 hours just to get out the door, and I'm loving every minute of it.

I am anxious to get back to my practice but know that I am not yet physically or emotionally ready.  I don't think that I'll take the full 3 months that are recommended, but I may wait as long as my 6 week check up.  It's been difficult considering that I was more committed to my practice than ever when I was pregnant.  I knew that I was doing something amazing for me and my baby, and that motivated me even through absurd modifications, fatigue and physical changes.  I also knew that with a baby in my life, it would be many years before I could practice with the same consistency and distraction free again.

Last week, I did attempt the three seated postures (baby steps!) and was astonished at how difficult it was to lift up into utpluthi...and I've already lost most of the baby weight.  Proof again that that pose is not about arm strength or's all in the bandhas.

Hopefully, I'll be more diligent in writing about my return to the practice than I was about writing about my prenatal practice!

Meantime, here's my teacher on coming back to the practice post-baby in the "4th trimester."