Monday, June 17, 2013

Counting Down in Moon Days?

As a dedicated ashtangi, I keep a close eye on moon days.  For the past few weeks, I've been managing my regular 6 day a week practice and with the extra 25lbs, the moon days are much deserved and relished. 

When I looked at the moon day calendar, I decided to see how the moon days fell around my due date (August 14).  My ladies holidays have always been pretty reliably lunar, so I have reason to suspect (at least in fun) that my baby is more likely to come on a moon day than on the 14th.  In August, they are the 6th (new) and the 20th (full).

Then, I counted the moon days between now and the 6th.  There are only 3 left!  Only 4, when counting the 6th, until my due date.  That seems way shorter than 8 weeks (though obviously, it's the same amount of time).  That's very exciting stuff! 

Even with so little time, my practice remains strong.  I have finally eliminated kurmasana (not that I was doing anything resembling the real pose) from primary and cut off the final three poses.  Otherwise, my second series modifications remain the same. 

I'm not much of a videographer, but I'd like to video some of my practice for baby V.  It might be funny for her to see what her mom was up to during her pregnancy.  If I get around to it, I'll share with you.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Juice It!

My juicer has been collecting dust since last summer.  I love it when I use it, but eventually, I get sick of cleaning it.

Last week, I bought a quart of super ripe local strawberries.  But we weren't able to eat them all before a handful started getting weird.  I hate wasting food. So the only logical thing to do was...juice 'em!

I poured the juiced into ice cube trays. The strawberry juice cubes added to mineral water make a delicious refreshing mocktail. 

Porge's may have had booze in it ;)  Just kidding. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Sometimes Procrastination Pays

I have very few pregnancy symptoms to complain about.  Occasionally, I have heartburn.  Sometimes I get a little winded.  But otherwise, I usually feel great.  But there is one symptom that is worse than the others.  When I sleep, my hips and knees kill and keep me awake.  I feel like an old German shepherd.  Last night, maybe because of the rain, was one of the nights where I just could not get comfortable.

So, when I woke up this morning, I hardly felt like getting out of bed for practice.  Instead, I slept in until I had to go to work.

The payoff was tonight.  When I got home, I unrolled my mat for practice and lit some candles.  The rain was pounding outside with occasional claps of thunder.  My quiet peaceful candlelit practice with the sounds of a thunderstorm outside was totally worth it.  It was like a little reward for enduring a difficult sleep.

Nonetheless, I am going to invest in one of those preggie body pillows tomorrow! 

things are getting pretty heavy

OK. Things aren't, but I am.  That would be the number one biggest difference in my practice now at 30+ weeks.  For fun, strap 25lbs to your middle and do your practice.  See how it feels.

But in all honesty, I am otherwise enjoying my pregnancy overall. I think the practice has a lot to do with that.  Even though my intermediate series looks way different than it did prepregnancy, I generally feel good when I get on the mat and even better when I finish my practice.