Sunday, February 6, 2011

Community Class

I'm extremely excited about this:

last day at 34

Today is the last day of my 34th trip around the sun.  What a transformative year it has been.  It was the "year of winning" for one.  I won raffles, sports pools, random things from the internet.  It was the "year of event planning" with two major work events under my belt.  It was the "year of domesticity" with getting married and moving to "the south." 

This is also the first birthday in two years that I'm spending in the U.S.  Last year I was in magical Goa, the year before Tunis.  I wish I had gotten my stuff together to plan a trip this year, but I guess the year was enough of a trip in itself.

I celebrated my last day at 34 with an extra long and juicy practice.  I practiced full primary and my intermediate postures.  I felt loose from the castor oil bath I took yesterday and energetic from the coffee (:)).  I'm saving my birthday drop backs for tomorrow though.  35 for 35!  I'll give you an update.

My gratitude for this life that I get to live can't be measured.  Every day that I roll out my mat, I try to make it a celebration of just that.  Here's to another year!