Saturday, July 31, 2010

yoga retreat DIY style

This weekend my husband is visiting a friend in Ohio. I'm taking advantage of some alone time to connect in a deeper way to my practice. I like to do this by creating a "home retreat."
First order of business for an excellent home retreat is a clean home! You wouldn't want to show up at a retreat in Costa Rica where the place was cluttered and dusty. Your home retreat should be just as nice. Think of the cleaning less as an obstacle and more as a practice in and of itself.
Second, create conditions so that you do have to leave your retreat unless you want to. Silence the cell phone, turn off the tv, alarm clocks, etc. Take a shopping trip for your retreat and get the essentials:

Food: avocados, leafy greens, brown rice, fresh fruits.
For self care: tea tree oil, sesame oil, body brush.

And then settle in.

My retreat so far has been extremely relaxing. Last night I had some eggplant for dinner, did a deep hip opening yin sequence, and then meditated for 35 minutes chanting the Anusara opening chant. This morning, I went on a tour of local farms, got to pet some awesome doggies and goats, learned about bees and visited a vineyard.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

disrupted energies

do you ever feel like everything is just falling apart? things aren't turning out the way you expected. you aren't in sync with your loved ones.
that's the way i've been feeling recently. the unbalance in my life has led to unbalance in my yoga practice. i find myself skipping days of practice here and there and distracted on the days that i do practice.
when things come to this point, i find the best thing to do is to come back to my seated practice where i can face the distractions and get grounded again. i can't change the energies around me. but i can support my loved ones better if i can tune back in to my own energy and ground back into myself.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

moon days

Tomorrow is a Full Moon Day. In the Ashtanga tradition we take rest on New and Full moons. Tim Miller has an excellent explanation for this on his website .
For me, these days of rest are especially important. Even prior to studying Ashtanga, I had noticed imbalances in my emotional state around the New and Full Moons. My cycle is also synced to the full moon.
I have wanted for some time to incorporate a seated practice on moon days so that I am still engaging with my practice. I have also wanted to fast on moon days. Tomorrow I will attempt both. I'll let you know how it turns out.